Occupational medicine

Preventive Care Outpatient Clinic
Registration: (+ 48 22) 508 14 97
Information: (22) 508 15 87
e-mail: iwona.szarek@cskmswia.pl

Location: fourth floor, Building "S"
Medical staff:

  • specialists in occupational medicine,
  • ophthalmologist,                          
  • laryngologist,
  • neurologist,
  • nurses specialized in occupational medicine.


  • health screening tests: pre – employment, periodical and control
  • medical examinations of applicants for a driving licence
  • tests for the sanitary - epidemiological purposes,
  • medical examinations of:
    • applicants for a weapons permit or holders of a weapons permit
    • applicants to become physical security officers or licensed physical security officers
    • applicants to become technical security employees or licensed technical security employees,
    • applicants to become private investigators or licensed private investigators
    • applicants to become road transport inspectors or road transport inspectors,
    • candidates for the office of judge,
    • applicants for a permit to manufacture and sell explosives, weapons, ammunition, and products for military services and police and those who have such permission,
    • applicants for a permit to buy and store of explosives for civil use and those who have such permission
    • applicants for admission to municipal service and those who serve in municipal guards.