Required documents

Appointments to see a specialist can be made:

  • in person
  • by telephone
  • through a third party

The following documents are required:

  • referral to a specialist,
  • proof of ID 
  • Proof of entitlement to medical care (any document confirming the patient has the appropriate medical insurance cover, e.g.   the Polish National Health Fund [ZUS RMUA form] or equivalent, a certificate from the employer, a pay slip on which health insurance premiums are deducted, a pensioner or annuitant card, or a certificate from the employment office, in the case that the patient is unemployed).

A referral is not required to see the following specialists:

  • dermatologist
  • gynecologist and obstetrician
  • ophthalmologist
  • oncologist
  • psychiatrist
  • venereologist
  • dentist

The following people do not need to present a referral:

  • victims of war
  • victims of repression
  • veterans
  • blind civilian victims of war
  • patients with tuberculosis
  • patients with HIV
  • organ research donors
  • those addicted to alcohol, narcotics and psychotropic substances - undergoing drug treatment
  • entitled soldiers and workers undergoing treatment for injuries or illnesses incurred in the performance of duties or service abroad