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Patient Welfare is our Prime Directive 


Welcome to the website of the Central Clinical Hospital of Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw.

On 1st October 1998 the hospital was incorporated, thereby completely changing the way it was run and bringing with it new opportunities to manage the hospital as an independent business and devote the funds gained to the development of the facility. This included the refitting of the facility to meet the needs of its patients, both at that time and in the future, and making the most of market opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in the provision of medical services to the public payer. The Independent Association of Healthcare Facilities of the Capital Health Board, which includes this hospital, was in dire straits at the beginning of the health system reforms in Poland. Obsolete facilities and medical equipment, overly complicated governance frameworks and outdated management models meant we were starting on the back foot. Our proposed restructuring program began with the creation of a management team, which was able to implement the necessary changes that staff and others affected found difficult to at first accept.


We would like to thank all those who set into motion the restructuring of one of Poland’s largest healthcare institutions, in particular the Social Council of the Hospital, Deputy Directors, Clinic Managers, Ward Orderlies and Managers, as well as all our employees, without whom our ideas would have remained nothing more than a collection of pious wishes.

The Hospital Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw