Effective and safe thromboprophylaxis

30 September 2015

The workshops are intended for patients using the chronic anticoagulation preparations: Sintrom, Syncumar, Acenocoumarol and  Warfin. The scientific director of the workshops is dr. n. med. Dariusz A. Kosior, prof. PAN.

The aim of the workshops is to provide participants with practical information on how to effectively and safely take anticoagulants.

Oral anticoagulation is the basis for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic complications in various types of diseases. Its specificity requires constant cooperation between doctor and patient. The effective prevention relies upon knowledge of the rules on how to take anticoagulants; and safety upon awareness of potential adverse effects and their symptoms. Appropriately imparted information about oral anticoagulation is key to improving the effectiveness and safety of taking anticoagulants.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to test the assay INR values ​​with the test strip COAGUCHECK.

The workshop will be held in the Conference Room of the Department of Cardiology and Hypertension at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw; VI floor, Main Building, on 6th October 2015 at 3.05pm.

All participants will receive educational workshop materials.

Detailed information can be obtained from the Secretariat of the Department of Cardiology and Hypertension, Phone. +48 (22) 508-16-70, +48 (22) 508-16-71

This is will be the third in the series of workshops. The first was held on 8th September and the second on 22nd September 2015. The next scheduled workshops will be held on:

  • 20.10. 2015
  • 03.11. 2015
  • 17.11. 2015
  • 08.12. 2015
  • 22.12. 2015