Designer drugs and where to find help: Important information from the Ministry of the Interior

16 July 2015

Do you suspect that your child may be using designer drugs?

Do you want to find out more about treatment options?

Are you aware of all the negative effects of these substances?

Do you have information relating to the sale or places where these illegal substances are sold?

Are you a user or an addict?

The Ministry of the Interior has prepared a list of phone numbers you can call to seek help. This list is being distributed to all government bodies throughout the country.

800 060 800 – the Infoline of the Central Sanitation Inspectorate (GIS)

By calling this number, you can gain obtain information about the negative effects of using designer drugs and the possibilities for treatment. The infoline is also intended for parents who suspect that their children may be using designer drugs. By calling the infoline of the Central Sanitation Inspectorate (GIS) you can also leave information that could help law enforcement services locate and arrest designer drug dealers.

116 111 -  the Youth and Children Helpline

This helpline supports children and youth in need of support, care and protection. Callers can share their concerns, talk about issues that are important to them and make contact when they find themselves in difficult situations. This service is run by the ‘Nobody's Children Foundation’. The line is open daily from 12 midday to 8pm. Online help is available at 

In 2014 alone, helpline counselors conducted 3205 interviews on the subject of designer drugs.

800 100 100 – the helpline for parents and teachers on issues relating to children’s safety

This is a free and confidential Helpline for parents and teachers, who need support and information on prevention and to help children facing difficulties caused by problems and risky behaviour such as: 

  • aggression and violence in school;
  • cyber-bullying and risks relating to new technologies;
  • sexual abuse, contact with psychoactive substances;
  • addiction;
  • depression;
  • suicidal thoughts or tendenciesl; and
  • nutritional disorders.

All calls can be made anonymously. This service is run by the ‘Nobody's Children Foundation’. The line is open daily from Monday to Friday, 12 midday to 6pm. Online help is available at

In 2014 years 61 calls were taken relating to problems caused by designer drugs.

800 12 12 12 – the Helpline of the Children’s Welfare Ombudsperson

People looking for help and information about designer drugs can also contact the Helpline of the Children’s Welfare Ombudsperson. The helpline is intended for the use of both children and adults, who want to report problems relating to children. The line is open Monday to Friday from 8.15am to 8pm. After 8pm, and on public holidays days a message and contact number can be left reporting a problem. A helpline employee will call back on the next working day.

112 – the emergency telephone number for use anywhere within the European Union